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Declarations of Interest

To receive any declarations of interest from Members and Officers, relating to

items to be considered at the meeting.

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Minutes pdf icon PDF 85 KB

To approve the minutes of the meeting of the Committee held on 6 December 2021.

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Chair's Announcements (if any) pdf icon PDF 84 KB

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Public Questions

To deal with questions from the public within the open forum question and answer

session of fifteen minutes in total. Questions from each member of the public should be no longer than two minutes each and relate issues under the Committee’s remit.

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Member Questions

To deal with written questions by Members, relating to issues under the Committee’s remit, with the maximum length of oral supplementary questions at Committee being no longer than one minute. Responses to any supplementary questions will be dealt with in writing if they cannot be dealt with at the meeting.


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Budget Consultation Feedback pdf icon PDF 151 KB


This report provides feedback to Cabinet from the recent consultation on the Administration’s budget proposals.



That Cabinet considers the feedback from the consultation.

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Parish and Town Council Election Costs pdf icon PDF 296 KB


This report sets out the proposal to consider the option of recharging the costs of elections to Town and Parish Councils. This would bring Cotswold District Council in line with all other Local Authorities across Gloucestershire and most in the South West, where Town and Parish Councils meet the costs associated with elections in their areas.



(a)    That the Cabinet agrees to recharge Town and Parish Councils for contested 4-yearly elections at a rate of 50% of their share of the cost in 2023 and 100% of their share in 2027 and thereafter


(b)    That the Cabinet agrees to recharge Town and Parish Councils for contested by-elections taking place on or after the dates shown at the rates indicated:

                    (i)        from 01/04/2024 - 50% of the cost

                   (ii)        from 01/04/2025 - 75% of the cost

                  (iii)        from 01/04/2026 - 100% of the cost


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Review of Parking Charges and Season Tickets pdf icon PDF 258 KB


The report proposes changes to the charges, charging periods, season ticket allocation and season ticket fees in the District car parks.



That Cabinet considers and approves:


a) aligning charging periods for all car parks owned by the Council to 8am to 6pm on Mondays to Saturdays, removing the ‘free after 3 pm’ concession from six car parks;


b) the removal of the four hour charging period in the Forum car park to encourage the use of the car park for short stay purposes;


c) the proposal to align charges across the District over time;


d) the proposed increases to charges in Church Street and West Street in Tetbury to improve the availability of parking spaces;


e) the proposed increase to charges in Old Market Way in Moreton in Marsh to move towards alignment of car parking charges across the District;


f) the introduction of charges for the large vehicle bays reserved for coaches and minibuses at the Maugersbury Road car park in Stow-on-the-Wold;


g) that car park charges, are increased by 5% (rounded up to nearest 10p), to reflect the impact of inflation since April 2020;


h) implementing a maximum season ticket allocation of 50% in each car park;


i) removal of the Nursery permit;


j) increasing the fee for season tickets as per Annex D, a higher than inflationary increase to reduce the level of subsidy offered for season tickets;


k) reducing the season ticket fee for the Whiteway car park to reflect the fact that it can only be used Monday to Friday rather than Monday to Saturday as in the other Cirencester car parks;


l) introducing three month and six month season tickets in the Whiteway car park in line with all other season tickets.


m) the requirement to invest in the Council's car parks through its Capital Programme to be considered by Cabinet and Council in February 2022.


n) an update the Parking Order to enable enforcement action to be taken for vehicles utilising parking spaces equipped with Electric Vehicle Charging Points in all Council owned car parks; and


o) delegating authority to consider the Parking Order consultation responses to the Deputy Chief Executive in consultation with the Deputy Leader of the Council and Cabinet Member for Finance.

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External Audit Contract pdf icon PDF 71 KB


To consider the options for procuring the Council’s external audit services for the period from 2023/24 and to make a recommendation to the Council.



a) That Cabinet considers the options for procuring the Council’s external audit service for the period from 2023/24; and


b) Recommends to Council procurement through the National Procurement Framework using Public Sector Audit Appointments Ltd.


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Review of Council Tax Discounts pdf icon PDF 162 KB


To consider amendments to discounts for domestic properties that are empty and unfurnished from 1 April 2022.



That Cabinet:

a) Approve amendments to a Class C discount from 1 April 2022; and,


b) That the discount be amended to 25% for a maximum of 6 months

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Discretionary Business Rate Relief Policy pdf icon PDF 176 KB


To consider the implementation of a Discretionary Rate Relief Policy in line with Section 47 of the Local Government Finance Act (1988).



Cabinet is recommended to approve the Discretionary Rate Relief Policy at Annex A.

Additional documents:


Approval of the Approach to Litter Bin Placement and Renewal Programme in Cotswold District pdf icon PDF 119 KB


To update Members on the issues being experienced with litter and dog bins in Cotswold District and to seek approval for a bin placement review and renewal programme to be delivered over the next five years.



That Cabinet:

a) Notes the risks and financial implications relating to the provision and servicing of the current litter and dog waste bins;


b) Approves the introduction of the set of principles for the placement of litter and dog waste bins going forward..


c) Approves the proposal to complete a rationalisation exercise of the existing litter and dog waste bins to ensure that the coverage is suitable for the District and that bins are located in the most appropriate places and in line with the agreed set of principles referenced in b) above;


d) Approves the principle that a charging mechanism is introduced for installation and servicing of litter bins in Town and Parish Council areas which are outside of the principles proposed in recommendation b;


e) Supports the inclusion of  an annual capital budget of up to £10,000 per annum over the next five years as part of the Council’s budget setting process in February 2022  (up to £50,000 total), for bin purchases and fitting; and


f) That officers work with Ubico to identify the revenue savings arising from this rationalisation and, by agreement, seek to reduce the contract value accordingly.

Additional documents:


Broadband Delivery Update pdf icon PDF 212 KB


To update Members on progress in delivering high speed broadband across the District



a) That progress in delivering high speed broadband across the District is noted.


b) That the £500k allocation for broadband in the capital budget set aside in 2016 remains in place.


c) That Officers work with Fastershire to draw up a top-up scheme for their existing Community Broadband Grant, for approval by Cabinet, to assist with delivery of broadband within the District that would otherwise not be viable.


d) That any requests for drawdown of the capital allocation in the meantime are subject to business case approval by Cabinet/Council as necessary.


e) That annual updates on broadband delivery within the District are brought to Cabinet.


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Use of the Internet and Social Media for Investigations and Enforcement Policy pdf icon PDF 89 KB


To present Cabinet with a new Use of the Internet and Social Media in Investigations and Enforcement Policy for adoption.



That Cabinet:


a) Approves and adopts the Policy attached to this report and;


b) Authorise the Chief Executive to approve future minor amendments to the Policy in consultation with the Counter Fraud and Enforcement Unit, Legal Services and the Leader of the Council.

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Schedule of Decisions taken by the Leader of the Council and/or Individual Cabinet Members pdf icon PDF 58 KB

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Issue(s) Arising From Overview and Scrutiny and/or Audit

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