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Agenda item

Premises application


To determine a new Premises Licence Application made by Berrybank Park Events Ltd



That the Licensing Sub-Committee is asked, in light of the representations received, to consider the application and determine whether to:-

-       grant the application as requested;

-       grant the application subject to such conditions that are necessary to promote the licensing objectives;

-       refuse the application in whole or in part where it is necessary in order to promote the licensing objectives.


The purpose of this report was to determine an application made by Berrybank Park Events limited for a new Premises Licence for the Amphitheatre and Pavilion at Berrybank Park, Main Road, Oddington, Moreton-in-Marsh, Gloucestershire.



The Sub-Committee attendees were:


Councillor Stephen Hirst – Chair

Councillor Ray Brassington

Council Gary Selwyn

Kevin Dunford- Licensing Officer

Susan Gargett – Head of Legal Services

Caleb Harris – Democratic Services

Wayne Smith – Democratic Services

Keith Cockell – Park Owner

Jonathan Dudfield – Park Owner

Oliver Morris – Designated Premises Supervisor

Judy Reaves - Director Berrybank Park Events

David Hamblett – Director Berrybank Park Events

Sally Johnson – Objector

Gary Johnson – Objector


The Licensing Officer, Kevin Dunford introduced the application for a New Premises Licence for Berrybank Park, described the venue and stated that no representations from any of the Responsible Authorities had been received and other representations had been included in the application.  The Licensing Officer stated the Licensing Policy, the considerations that the Licensing Authority were required to consider and the decision options that were available to the Committee.


The Licensing Officer stated that subsequent documentation had been submitted by the applicant for consideration by the Committee. 


The Sub-Committee noted that from 8.00am-11.00pm no licence was required for the provision of live music (including from musical theatre and comedy) and therefore there was no requirement to include it in the application.


The Sub-Committee noted that a Personal Licence had already been issued to the Designated Premises Supervisor by Stratford Upon Avon District Council, and the licence application being considered at the meeting was for a Premises Licence.


Copies of the subsequent documentation submitted by the Applicant were provided to the Committee members and the Objectors for consideration.


The Sub-Committee and Objector enquired what was included in the subsequent documentation, and why it had not been included with the application.


The Licensing Officer stated that it contained plans, a statement, the Traffic Management Plan, the Noise Management Plan and supporting documentation, and that these documents were not required for the application.  The Licensing Officer also stated that the subsequent documentation had not been included with the application as it had been received after the time limit for submissions of information.


The Chair of the Licensing Sub-Committee adjourned the meeting at 4.27pm to enable the subsequent documentation to be read and considered by the Committee and the Objector.


The Chair of the Licensing Sub-Committee re-convened the meeting at 4.52pm.


The Sub-Committee thanked the applicant for the subsequent documentation and stated that although this had now been read, more time was required to fully digest and understand what was required by the Sub-Committee and Objectors.


The Sub-Committee stated that, following advice from the Head of Legal Services, the Sub-Committee had decided to adjourn the meeting for a period of a week, in order to read, digest and understand fully the content of the subsequent documentation.


The Chair of the Licensing Sub-Committee adjourned the meeting at 4.55pm for a period of at least 5 working days.

Supporting documents: