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No. Item




Substitute Members

To note details of any substitution arrangements in place for the Meeting.


Minutes pdf icon PDF 85 KB

To confirm the minutes of the meeting of the Committee held on the 22nd of November as a true and accurate record subject to any amendments being



Declarations of Interest

To receive any declarations of interest from Members and Officers, relating to items to be considered at the meeting.


Chair's Announcements


Public Questions

To deal with questions from the public within the open forum question and answer session of fifteen minutes in total. Questions from each member of the public should be no longer than two minutes each and relate issues under the Committee’s remit.


Member Questions

To deal with written questions by Members, relating to issues under the Committee’s remit, with the maximum length of oral supplementary questions at Committee being no longer than one minute. Responses to any supplementary questions will be dealt with in writing if they cannot be dealt with at the meeting.


Call in of Cabinet Decision relating to the Lease of Land at Station Road Kemble


To respond to the call-in of the decision to lease land at Station Road, Kemble, as allotments and community gardens to the local community and de-allocate this site within the adopted Cotswold District Local Plan (2011 to 2031) as a site for housing development.



That the Committee, considers the additional information presented in this report and decides whether,

(a)They are satisfied that the detail presented here does not fundamentally change the decision that has been made and therefore no further action is taken, or,

(b)To refer the matter back to Cabinet for further consideration.

(c)The matter requires a Full Council decision, that there are sufficient grounds to refer it to Council and a request is therefore made for it to be added to the next Council agenda.

Additional documents:


Annual Presentation of Ubico Business Plan


The Committee will receive a business plan and performance presentation at the

meeting from Ubico.



The Committee is asked to note the contents of the presentation


Budget pdf icon PDF 842 KB


The purpose of this report is to present the budget for 2023/24.



Cabinet are requested to consider and approve for recommendation to Council:

(a)        the Medium-Term Financial Strategy set out in Annex B

(b)        the Savings and Transformation items for inclusion in the budget, set out in Annex C

(c)        the Council Tax Requirement of £6,310,795 for this Council

(d)        the Council Tax level for Cotswold District Council purposes of £148.93 for a Band D property in 2023/24 (an increase of £5)

(e)        the Capital Programme, set out in Annex D

(f)         the Annual Capital Strategy 2023/24, as set out in Annex E

(g)        the Annual Treasury Management Strategy and Non-Treasury Management Investment Strategy 2023/24, as set out in Annex F

(h)        the Strategy for the Flexible use of Capital Receipts, as set out in Annex H

(i)         the balances and reserves forecast for 2023/24 to 2026/27 as set out in Section 5 of the report

Cabinet are recommended to approve delegation to the Council’s Deputy Chief Executive, in consultation with the Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Finance

(j)         for any changes to the General Fund Summary arising from the Local Government Finance Settlement and the Business Rates Retention Scheme estimates prior to submission to Council

Additional documents:


Leisure and Culture Contracts Procurement pdf icon PDF 243 KB


To provide the Overview and Scrutiny Committee with an update on the Leisure and Culture Contract Procurements.



That the Overview and Scrutiny Committee receives the update contained within this report.


Broadband Delivery Update pdf icon PDF 314 KB


To update Members on progress in delivering high speed broadband across the District



a)         That progress in delivering high speed broadband across the District and the future plans of both commercial infrastructure providers and the Fastershire Project are noted.

b)         That it is noted that the £500k allocation for broadband in the capital programme set aside in 2016 has now been removed as Gloucestershire County Council advised that they felt their own budget was sufficient and it would not have led to faster delivery of broadband in the District.


Peer Review - Recommendations Relating to Overview and Scrutiny pdf icon PDF 103 KB


To consider the Local Government Association’s Feedback Report, and, to review the Action Plan that details how the recommendations relating to the responsibilities of this Committee will be implemented.



That Overview and Scrutiny Committee:

Review the findings of the Corporate Peer Review and associated action plan relating to this Committee;

Identify any additional actions to implement the Peer Review’s recommendation as it relates to this Committee

Additional documents:


Quarterly Digest pdf icon PDF 1 MB


To consider any issues arising out of the Quarterly Digest for future debate and/or

action by the Committee.


Work Plan/ Executive Forward Plan pdf icon PDF 207 KB


To note the Committee’s work plan and the Executive Forward Plan.



To note both of the plans and provide feedback upon future items for the Committee to consider.

Additional documents: