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Agenda and minutes

Venue: Council Chamber - Trinity Road

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Declarations of Interest

To note any declarations of interest by the Cabinet Member, Officers, or other Members present.

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1.    Declarations of Interest


There were none from the Deputy Leader or the Officers present.


The Deputy Leader explained that the identity of the applicant was not known to either them.


2. Application for a Section 13A Council Tax Discount


It was also confirmed that there had been no comments from the public received by Officers.


Neighbourhood Planning: Regulation 15 Decision for the Down Ampney Neighbourhood Development Plan


The purpose of the report was to consider a Section 13A Council Tax discount.


The Business Manager summarised the report and explained there was outstanding charge and that the application was in respect of the applicant’s previous address which they vacated in July



The applicant was a pensioner, in receipt of state pension, pension credits and full council tax



An income and expenditure form had been submitted with the appropriate supporting

documentation, and a financial assessment had been carried out which showed a surplus income

at the end of each month.


The Business Manager stated that the applicant has declared savings of £10,000 and therefore sufficient money to address the council tax owing. It was therefore being proposed that the application for a discretionary council tax discount be refused.


The Business Manager also noted that the previously declared self-employment income was incorrect.


The Deputy Leader asked if any payments had been received. The Business Manager stated that payments had previously been made in repayment of the debt, to the count of £1,086.


The initial debt had been caused by the applicant not declaring an increase in self-employed income.


The Business Manager stated that repayment could potentially be through a payment plan, and not necessarily a bulk payment.


The Deputy Leader stated in section 2.2 of the report there was a discrepancy of 4p in the report, but that the payment would be around £1920.





The Deputy Leader considered the recommendations of the officer and the application for Discretionary Council Tax discount submitted under Section 13A of the Local Government Finance Act 1992, as amended, and refused for reasons given within the report.


Reason for Decision of the Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Finance


The Deputy Leader had stated that they did not believe exceptional grounds to apply to the application. The Deputy Leader stated that if the applicant had originally informed the Council about the increase in income, that the Applicant would have had to repay the amount, and that, owing to the Applicant’s surplus income and savings, they believed them to be able to pay.


The Deputy Leader stated that in making this decision, the tax payer’s interests overrode the Applicant’s, but that an affordable payment plan could be arranged with the applicant.




Mandy Fathers

Tel: 01285623553


Date of Publication:                                      18 August 2023               

Closing Date for Call-In:                               28 August 2023 (5.00pm)

Action Embargoed until:                              29 August 2023



Application for a Section 13A Council Tax Discount pdf icon PDF 101 KB

This report seeks the approval of the Deputy Leader of the Council and Cabinet Member for Finance of the recommendation to REFUSE the application for the reasons given in the report.


Reporting Officer: Mandy Fathers ([email protected])






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